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"Outdoor education, where fine and gross motor skills meet friendships, literacy, engineering, science, art, math, and curiosity, all while having fun!" Silvia Anderson, Nature's Lab founder.

Nature's Lab team members have expertise in developing, designing, and supporting early learning programs and administrators interested in adding outdoor learning opportunities in their programs.

Every early learning program is different! Whether you are at the beginning stages of implementation of outdoor education at a traditional preschool or come from a program with already existing outdoor opportunities, our staff can support your journey to increase the amount of time your children spent outdoors, the quality of the outdoor environment, and comfort of your staff. 


Nature's Lab supports centers, in-home programs, and families by helping create an individualized plan that can range from education to a complete outdoor design. 

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Nature's Lab can support you...

We look forward to supporting you in your Outdoor Education Journey!

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