Nature's Lab is currently serving children ages one* to five years old. 

You drop off your child with a change of clothes, they experience hours of child-focused learning activities and develop a sense of wonder in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

Nature's Lab is a bilingual, experiential play school that encourages children's natural curiosity and love for exploration, learning, research, and creativity. Our Spanish bilingual program allows for advanced language acquisition opportunities and encourages global citizenship. Our program exposes children to outdoor play, STEAM opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), and age appropriate risk taking. We are committed to maintaining lower teacher-to-student ratios than most schools, so children can have more one-on-one time. We strive to help children develop to their fullest potential in our family-based community.

This home facility consists of several themed areas immersed in a natural, green environment: 1) Science/Nature, 2) Garden Bed, 3) Sand and Water 4) Dramatic Play, 5) Group Gathering Time and 6) a designated Quiet Exploration Area if children need a break.

We go outside rain or shine.

*All children must be walking before the first day of attendance.

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