Nature’s Lab School is a very special place!

Our bilingual, experiential curriculum cultivates each student’s natural curiosities and intrinsic motivation while helping each child develop strong social-emotional skills to help them be happy and successful in achieving their personal interests. 

Our Spanish bilingual program allows for advanced language acquisition opportunities and encourages global citizenship.

Our outdoor education program allows children to explore, create, and be curious about the world around us, creating a love for learning, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our teachers build strong, loving relationships with each child and encourage their ability to think critically, take risks, and gain a love for learning. 

Our small group sizes allow the teaching staff to get to know each child and family and promote each child’s individual interests, skills, and social-emotional development.

Our strong community emphasis promotes relationships amongst families to build a network inside and outside of Nature’s Lab. which we encourage families to maintain pass the preschool and TK years.

We look forward to meeting you in person and hope you and your family become a part of the Nature's Lab community very soon.