Waitlist (read instructions)

Waitlist (read instructions)


We are so excited to have you join Nature's Lab as soon as possible.

DO NOT pay for this waitlist fee if you have not tour Nature's Lab School.


Use this Waitlist payment only after you have toured NAture's Lab and we have spoken about your child's future enrollment. 

After the fee has been paid you MUST email s.anderson@natureslabschool.com with your child's name, date of birth and wish start date. The email, along with your payment, will hold your number in the waitlist.

These non-refundable $50 will count towards your registration fee once a space is available. This fee is non-refundable. and spaces are filled based in waitlist chronolgical order. Siblings and currently enrolled children have enrollment priority. Paying this fee does NOT guaranteed a space during the school year.


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