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Rain as a Teacher

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”

Linda Åkeson Mcgurk).


Playing in the rain is full of opportunities to understand the world around us, engage our senses in different ways, and increase awareness of our body’s abilities while experimenting with the science and sounds that rain brings to our daily learning opportunities...

Here at Nature’s Lab School we LOVE rainy days and here are a few of the many learning opportunities rain offers our kids and why we love rain so much!

Rain promotes children’s sense of wonder, curiosity, and exploration!

Our senses

The rain drops touching our skin at different speeds, the sound of it on various surfaces, the change in scents around us, the change in colors in the sky, All of these new opportunities and awareness are so valuable for our kids (and adults!)

Our body! motor skills

Our environment changes when everything is wet. Surfaces become slippery, the ground is “squishy”, walking instead of running becomes crucial, and our bodies need to adapt to that so we can enjoy all the new opportunities muddy, slippery, outdoor classrooms have available to us.

Spacial awareness, problem-solving, balance, coordination, and team work become crucial.

Problem Solving and Social-Emotional Development

Prediction and trial and error are such a crucial part of our everyday practices and on rainy days we get so much practice. "How much force do I need to use to jump over this puddle?", "Will this sink or float?", "If I splash my friend will she love it or be upset?"… "uh, that did not go as planned...", Time to sit down together and practice problem solving and mending hurt feelings and learning to become aware of other people’s needs and likes. Trial-and Error applies both to our activities and our relationships.

Scientists in the making

Basics of water cycles, condensation, and noticing how rain affects the living things around us…

Currents as we notice puddles forming and water running along our buildings and paths.

Pouring, and mixing of our art materials and noticing what happens…


As children balance, dig, mix, pour, measure, and experience new events they develop essential mathematical skills and expand their language as they engage in conversations with peers and adults..

Let the fun, experiential learning go on no matter the weather!

Learning is fun.

Rolling with our curiosities

Rainy Day Fun

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Linda Åkeson McGurk

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